Vasectomy Check Fertility Home Test for Men

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Vasectomy Check Fertility Home Test for Men

SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN POST VASECTOMY SPERM ANALYSIS: Exposome BioSciences vasectomy assay is a two-site lateral flow cinematographic immunoassay technology that quickly screens semen for very low or high sperm counts in post vasectomy males.

RELIABLE SPERM TEST: Exposome BioSciences male fertility detects normal or low sperm counts with a statistically proven accuracy of over 99% in clinical trials.

EASY TO USE: Simple fertility test, easy to read, instant results in 30 minutes or less, highly accurate and reliable semen analysis.

CONFIRMS SUCCESSFULL VASECTOMY by detecting the concentration of sperm in semen after vasectomy whereby low sperm levels indicates a successful vasectomy.

PREGNANCY: Know your likelihood of impregnating your partner during ovulation.

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Vasectomy Check Fertility Home Test for Men test kit for detecting sperm concentration levels. Check your sperm counts before and after vasectomy. Use this vasectomy male fertility test at your home and anywhere without the involvement of 3rd parties such as laboratories and invasive phone apps.