Rapid Surface Hygiene Test Swabs. (5 Pack).


Rapid Surface Hygiene Test Swabs. (5 Pack)

MULTI-PURPOSE HYGIENE TESTS KIT: Tests for Hygiene on all Surfaces, Special Equipment and Water.

DETECT CONTAMINANTS & MANAGE HYGIENE: Use this product to detect microbiological contaminants such as Allergen Protein Residues; Mold, Fungi, and Bacteria on all Surfaces, Special Equipment and Water.

SELF DEPLOYED RAPID HYGIENE TEST DEVICE: This hygiene test kit is 100% rapid and self deploying, results are instant.

IDEAL FOR ALL HYGIENE TESTINGS NEEDS: Applicable use for all; Households and Individuals, Food Processing Industry , Hospitals, Labs, Hotels, Restaurants, Bakeries, Airlines, Cafeterias, Water Treatment Industry, Sanitation Industry, Cleaning Companies, Veterinarians, Office, Home, Office, School, and Personal use, etc.

PROGRESSIVE HYGIENE MONITORING: Monitor, Manage and Maintain cleanliness by detecting Protein Residue or microbial growth levels of surfaces before and after cleaning.

KEEP CLEAN IN PUBLIC SPACES: Use Pro-Clean Protein Residue Hygiene Test before using public spaces and during public transportation to detect surface hygiene status.

PREMIUM QUALITY Proclean ATP TEST: Statistically Significant Test Results, High Precision, Over 99% Accurate, Results in Minutes, Easy To Read, Highly Accurate, and Reliable.

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