Lab Grade Drinking Water Test Kit


Lab Grade Drinking Water Test Kit

DETECTS COLIFORM BACTERIA: Can detect coliform bacteria such as E. coli/Escherichia contamination in water.

DETECTS ALL 16 MOST COMMON CHEMICAL CONTAMINANTS: Can detects all 16 types of common chemical contaminant in water: pH (acidity and alkalinity), hardness, hydrogen sulfide, nitrates, nitrites, iron, lead, copper, mercury, fluoride, manganese, total chlorine, sulfate, zinc, sodium chloride, total alkalinity.

FOR ALL WATER SOURCES: This comprehensive, low-cost water quality assurance kit tests household tap and well water, fresh water from streams, lakes, rivers, as well as reservoirs, and desalinated ocean water.

EASY TO USE: Each kit includes a clear color chart that indicates the presence or absence of 17 water quality parameters. Dip a test strip in your water sample or add drops to the bacteria test powder container, shake it, and compare colors until you find a match.

QUALITY GUARANTEED: Exposome BioSciences provides premium-grade products for personal, medical, institutional, and industrial needs. We strive to continually research and develop new diagnostic tests that monitor various health indicators.

Lab Grade Drinking Water Test Kit. Water is central to everything we do, from drinking to showering to cooking. The Exposome BioSciences 17-in-1 Premium Grade Complete Drinking Water Quality Test Kit helps ensure your household water supply is safe, clean, fresh, and free from common contaminants. The EPA recommends performing a quality test if your water appears cloudy, smells strange, or tastes bad. But if your soaps can not lather, your laundry gets stained, and you experience consistent GI problems – poor water quality could be to blame. This comprehensive testing kit comes with all the tools necessary to test for the most prevalent contaminants in drinking water, including hardness, alkalinity levels, tests for coliform bacteria such as E. coli/Escherichia. Each kit includes five individually sealed pouches of 20 strips for extended shelf life. With 100 strips there is plenty for testing in your home, office, school, or restaurant. And they are portable enough to take with you when you travel or go camping. It works with all types of water sources: municipal (tap), groundwater (well), surface water (lakes, rivers, streams, and creeks), rainwater, and desalinated seawater. With simple steps and no mess, Exposome BioSciences’ DIY water testing kit gives you quick, accurate readings so you can make sure you and your family stay healthy! Say goodbye to plastic water bottles!