Free Radical Test Strips


WHAT ARE FREE RADICALS? Bad Free Radicals Cause Cell Damage, Speed Up Aging And Increase Risk Of Illness.

ANTIOXIDANTS VS FREE RADICALS: Antioxidants Fight Bad Free Radicals In The Body To Prevent Cell Damage, Slow Down Aging, And Reduce Risk Of Illness.

WHY TEST FOR FREE RADICALS?: High Free Radical Levels are harmful. Test to Know Your Free-Radical-Levels. High Free Radical Levels Indicate That Your Antioxidant Levels Need a Boost to Help Fight Cell Damage, Slow Down Aging, and Reduce Risk of Illness.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Statistically Significant Test Results; Over 99% Accurate.

GREAT ATTRIBUTES: Instant Results, Easy To Read, Highly Accurate, And Reliable Tests.

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Free Radical Test Strips. Test antioxidants levels in the body by detecting low or high free radical levels. High Free Radicals Indicate Low Antioxidants. Low Free Radicals Fight Cell Damage, and Slow Down Aging.